What people really care about is getting the job done That's where I excel. I get it done. And in the process, I help people achieve their dreams.

If you want to buy a home, I will…

  • Show you how it’s possible to buy a home with little or no down payment.
  • Show you how it’s possible to buy a home with a mortgage below the market rate.
  • Show you how it’s possible to buy a home with poor credit or past financial trouble.
  • Show you for what loan amount you can qualify.
  • Explain various forms of financing that are possible.
  • Help you get the lowest interest rate on your mortgage.
  • Give you an accurate estimate of the total cash required to purchase a home.
  • Show you any home available for sale regardless of which real estate company has it listed or advertised.
  • Give you the facts on past appreciation rates for neighborhoods.
  • Write and explain purchase documents before you sign anything.
  • Help you obtain a mechanical inspection of the property you desire.
  • Walkthrough the home with you prior to settlement.
  • Attend settlement with you and help explain all closing documents.
  • Keep you informed along the way.
  • Keep in touch after the sale.

If you want to sell a home, I will…

  • Explain the entire selling process.
  • Use MLS and other sources to show how much buyers are paying for property with features similar to yours.
  • Share proven tips and techniques that will help your home sell quickly.
  • Explain how my marketing plan is designed to keep you informed of all activities to sell your home.
  • Place information about your home through multiple listing services.
  • Arrange for a tour of your home by our sales associates so they also can see its features and benefits.
  • Qualify buyers before showing your home.
  • Promptly present and advise you on all contracts.
  • Provide a cash net proceeds estimate with all offers to purchase.
  • Explain the closing process so you have an accurate estimate of the cash you have at settlement.
  • Keep you informed from contract ratification to closing.
  • Help you find a new home.
  • Work to ratify a mutually acceptable, completed offer-to-purchase and give you a signed copy.
  • Attend the closing and explain all details.

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